Requesting a New MAE Environment


Use this form to request a separate VA Mobile App Development Environment

Summary (Required: If this is an approved WMS project, Include the App's JIRA project key, the App's executive summary, and the business sponsoring office. If you use an email address that is not a address, include the information we need to verify your relationship with VA.)

Goal in using MAE (cloud) Environment:

  • None
  • Learn about Mobile Apps
  • Build a specific Mobile App

Describe what you plan to do in the Mobile Environment: _______________ (Text block.)

Personal or Project Use:

  • None
  • Personal Use Only
  • Project Team

Number of people needing access: _________________

Is this for an App registered with WMS:

  • None
  • Yes
  • No

Requested Env Resources: (Select each MAE tool you need. See the MAE Tools section at About the Mobile App Environment and Services.

  • Jira Project (JIRA tracking installation – All VA Mobile Apps require their own JIRA project before V&V)
  • Wiki Space (Confluence wiki space to maintain the project documentation or any other project use)
  • Fisheye
  • Stash Repository
  • Developer starter kit (Hello world app/build pipe line)

Business Sponsor:

  • National Program Office
  • Visn Medical Center
  • Local Office
  • Other

Business Sponsor Program/VISN/Office ______________________ (Enter the name of the Business Sponsor Office.)

Requested Start Date: (Select a date from the calendar function)

Attachments to clarify request: (Attach any documents that support the request for a new environment.)

Organization you work for:

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  • VHA
  • VBA
  • NCA
  • Other

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Your Job Title _________________________

Your Phone Number _________

Your Email ____________________ (Required: If this is not a VA address, explain how we can verify your relationship to VA in the Summary text block at the top of the form.)

Alternate Phone ________________

Alternate Email ________________

  • (877) 470-5947 (Weekdays 8am - 8pm ET)
VA Providers
  • (866) 651-3180 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
VA Video Connect Help for All
  • (866) 651-3180 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)