Planning a VA App

The first stage in the VA App development life cycle is the Planning Stage. The stakeholder(s) making a request for a VA App is responsible for performing all of the Planning activities. The Planning stage begins with defining a need and ends when you are ready to start development. VA's Web and Mobile Solutions (WMS) team shepherds Requests through the Planning Stage.

If development is underway, review all of the Planning activities and update your project to match VA's requirements.

Planning includes three major activities:

  1. Discovery: Develop an idea for a VA App that fulfills a need. See Discovery Overview for more information.
  2. Request: Submit your idea and work with WMS to prepare your Request to go before the Mobile Apps Governance Board for approval. See Submitting a VA App Request for instructions.
  3. Project Initiation: An approved Request enters a queue for funding and resources. When the resources are available, WMS creates a VA App JIRA Project from the Request information, assigns roles and responsibilities, and works with you to kick off the project. See Initiating a VA App Project for more information.