Developing VA Apps

Do you have an idea for a Mobile Application (App) that would benefit Veterans, Caregivers or the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) care teams and staff? Are you already developing an App that VA could use?

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Office of Informatics and Analytics' (OIA) Connected Health Office partners with VA’s Office of Information and Technology (OI&T) and other VA offices to manage VA-approved Apps. We evaluate ideas for Apps and can provide funding and resources for approved ideas. Connected Health tracks all VA App development projects and coordinates the development activities between the different VA branches involved with App development.

We want to see your idea. If approved, we can provide the tools, processes, and resources to develop and release it. All Apps that carry VA’s brand undergo a thorough review to ensure it meets VA and Federal guidelines and standards. If approved, we can provide the tools, processes and resources to develop and release your App.

This site describes all of the requirements and processes in the following sections:

  • Getting Started introduces VA's App development process, its tools and requirements and whether your idea for an App could or must be approved by VA.
  • Planning a VA App describes how to prepare and submit your idea as a Request to VA. Even if you have already developed an App, you must submit a Request. This section also explains what happens when VA approves a Request.
  • Developing a VA App describes the development milestones you meet to fulfill VA development requirements and to prepare the App for Compliance Review.
  • About the VA App Compliance Review describes what each of the compliance review bodies look for when they review a VA App.
  • About the Preproduction Simulation Stage describes Subject Matter Experts testing the App's functionality.
  • About the Initial Operating Capability Field Test describes testing the App in a target environment.
  • Releasing a VA App describes the final VA approval process, App stores and sustainment activities including training and user feedback.
  • Sustainment describes the emerging process for supporting a released VA App.
  • Work Request includes links to Web forms for requests, including accounts, VA App projects, and environments.
  • Quick Links includes links to more information public and internal links related to VA App development.
  • Glossary describes frequently used terms.