Celebrating a Year of VA Video Connect

eNewsletter / Summer 2018

Celebrating a Year of VA Video Connect

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This July marks the first anniversary since VA Video Connect began rolling out to Veterans nationwide. Thanks to this new application, Veterans can use a personal computer, tablet or smartphone from the comfort of their homes to connect with VA care teams over a secure, live video session. To date, more than 90,000 video visits have been logged using VA Video Connect and the numbers continue to increase exponentially..

More important than a running tally, though, are the many patient successes that both Veterans and VA care teams have been sharing – like the story of one Florida Veteran in his late 70s who, was battling a persistent infection in his right leg this past winter. Compounding the situation, he was beginning to feel stressed by the repeated hour-long trips to his VA facility in Tampa.

He told his primary care provider, Dr. Margaret Carrico, how he was feeling, and she recommended they use VA Video Connect to conduct follow-up appointments over video chat. She then outlined the redness in his leg with a permanent marker so that they could track whether it was expanding or shrinking.

“When he went home, we had a place to start from,” she says. “He was able to connect with me, and I could see whether [the infection] was improving or worsening. And he was very, very happy with that.”

Together, they worked to fight the infection in his leg. Carrico referred him to a specialist and continued to conduct follow-up exams over video chat.

Dr. Carrico, who has participated in the VA Telehealth program for more than two years, says she continues to see telehealth technologies improve and Veteran participation increase. “The response from patients has been incredible. Overall, they are delighted. They don’t have to come in here to see me – their daughter doesn’t have to get off from work, and they don’t have to drive in traffic.”

If you are a Veteran who is interested in using VA Video Connect, consult with your VA care team to see if video appointments can become a part of your own care plan. You can read more about how to get started with VA Video Connect in this My HealtheVet article.

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