Applying for an MAE Account

Use this form to apply for a Mobile Applications Environment (MAE) user account.

Your App's Project Manager (PM) or Product Owner is responsible for notifying you and ensuring you have access to the project.

Eligible Applicants

VA approves MAE accounts for the following candidates when license seats are available:

  • If VA approves an idea you submitted for a VA App and you are participating in its development
  • Mobile App Developers and other stakeholders involved in approved development projects
  • Compliance Reviewers
  • OI&T's Mobile App Processes team members
  • VHA Connected Health team members

VA may consider other applications as seats are available.

Filling out the User Registration Form

You must complete the application in one session, so read through these instructions and collect all of the information you need to complete it in one sitting. If you know which existing MAE projects you will be joining, gather their MAE identification keys before you begin. If you enter an App name instead of an identifier, you risk being added to the wrong project.

All MAE information, including MAE account information, is internal. No one outside the MAE can access the information.

You can apply for an account for someone else, and you can apply for accounts for more than one person in one request.

To apply for an MAE account:

  1. Open
  2. Make sure your browser allows pop up windows for this address.
  3. Scroll down to the User Registration section.
  4. Click Request. A User Registration form opens in a pop-up window. Fill in the following fields:
    1. Summary: (Required) Enter "account request" and then explain how you are involved with VA App building. You must demonstrate a verifiable relationship with VA or with an approved App project.
    2. Request Type: (Required) Select New, Update, or Remove.
    3. Your Name: (Required) Enter your name.
    4. Your Email: (Required) Enter the address where we can contact you and where you receive MAE notifications. A email address helps identify you during the approval/verification stage. If you enter a email address, you become eligible to take free Atlassian University online JIRA training.
    5. Your Job Title:
    6. Your Phone Number: (Optional) If you add this, MAE users can see this in your MAE profile. Your phone number can be useful for other MAE team members to contact you.
    7. Do you have your PIV in hand?: (Required).
    8. COR: (Required) Enter the name of your Contract Officer, or if you are a VA employee, your supervisor's name..
    9. Requesting access: Choose Self. (Choose Other if you are applying for someone else or more than one person.)
    10. If requesting for other ...: Enter a name and email address for someone involved in building VA Apps. Enter multiple lines for multiple requests. You can add your own name and email address to this field.
    11. Requesting Access to: (resources): Choose at least JIRA and Wiki. If you are a developer, also select the necessary tool options.
    12. User Role in Project: Enter your stakeholder role: business owner, sponsor, developer, project manager, subject matter expert, compliance reviewer or other mobile app support role. If you are on a Compliance Review team, chooseCertification. If you will not be participating in a project, choose Read Only.
    13. Project(s) ...: (Optional) If you know which projects you will be joining, enter their MAE identification keys here. You can obtain the MAE key from the project's Project Manager or Business Owner.
    14. Organization you work for: If you work for VA, choose your organization. If you do not, choose Other.
    15. Alternate Phone and Alternate Email fields are optional values that go on your MAE profile and may help MAE team members contact you.
  5. Click Submit. The web form processes your application and if you entered all required values, it returns a Thank you for your feedback message.
  6. When you receive an email notice that your account is active, contact your Project Manager or Product Owner to give you permission to view the project.