About the Request Approval Process

These are the activities that occur when you submit a VA App Request :

  1. VHA's Web and Mobile Solutions (WMS) team screens the initial Request to ensure that it is legitimate. If an Initial Request fails screening WMS closes the Request and Notifies the Requestor. If the Request passes screening, WMS sends the Requestor the Business Sponsor Agreement.
  2. The Requestor completes the Business Sponsor Agreement. The document summarizes the Requestor's expectations about the project, identifies any other stakeholders or resources available from the Requestor, and confirms their understanding and commitment to developing the App.
  3. WMS reviews the Business Sponsor Agreement and solicits any missing information from the Requestor. WMS determines if resources and funding are available to proceed with the development effort. Resources from VA App development teams may be available to support the effort through internal development. If not, WMS may pursue funding a Request with an external contract.
  4. WMS finalizes the Request details and puts the Request before the Mobile Applications Governance board (MAGB).
  5. The MAGB reviews the Request.
  6. The MAGB notifies the Requestor and WMS of the outcome of their review.