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Exposure Ed delivers information on military-related exposures to health care providers.

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Veterans may have been exposed to a range of chemical, physical, and environmental hazards during service, and providers can use this tool to have an informed discussion with Veterans about their individual exposure-related concerns and potential impacts on their health.

Providers can also access information on exposure-related programs and benefits offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs and help Veterans assess their participation eligibility. This application should not be used for diagnostic purposes.

This tool was created by the Veteran's Health Administration - the nation's leading provider of Veterans' health care.

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  • Getting to Know the App

    The Exposure Ed App Home screen has three icons: ExposuresDate/Location and Conflicts. Tap the icons to find information about exposures organized by the type of exposure (such as Agent Orange or extreme heat), the date and location of a Veteran’s service or the conflict in which he or she served.

  • Using the Menu Button

    A Menu button will always be available at the bottom of your screen. Tap the icon, and a slide-out Menu will appear. The Menu allows you to go to the Home, Notes, VA Locator, Provider Tips, Bookmarks, Tutorial, About and Feedback screens. Tap each option to view more information.

  • Creating Notes

    The Notes option lets you select and save information from the App to share with your patient. Tap the Add to Note button that appears at the bottom of the information you would like to save. A note will automatically be created, which you can find in the Notes section, accessible from the Menu. The Note shows you the content you saved and the date and time you saved it. You can email, print or delete your notes.

  • Accessing Provider Tips

    Tap Provider Tips from the Menu to view the following information: Questions to Ask the Veteran, Create a Care Plan, Risk Communication Tips and Useful Resources. Tap each option to see more.

  • Helping Veterans Find VA Facilities

    Help your patient find a VA facility close to them by using the VA Locator feature. Search for locations within the Veterans Health Administration, Veterans Benefits Administration and National Cemetery Administration.

  • Getting More Information

    The Bookmarks section links to websites and resources with more information about environmental exposures and programs for Veterans. Tap each resource to go directly to it.

For the purpose of this App, exposures are environmental conditions Veterans may have experienced that potentially impact their health.
If you are a health care provider who cares for Veterans, you should use the Exposure Ed App for comprehensive information about exposures and as a guide for discussing exposure-related concerns with your patients. Veterans may have been exposed to a range of chemical, physical and environmental hazards during service, which could impact their health or provide context for health issues they might be experiencing. With the Exposure Ed App, you can find information on exposures as well as exposure-related programs and benefits offered by VA, and help Veterans determine whether they are eligible for those benefits and programs.
No. The App is available for VA and non-VA Providers.
The Exposure Ed App provides extensive information about various exposures, a notes feature that allows you to save and share information, the ability to search for VA facilities, tips for talking with your patients about exposure-related concerns and links to helpful resources.
There are three ways to learn more about exposures outlined on the App’s Home screen: identifying the exposure, searching by date and location or looking for the exposures commonly associated with a specific conflict. Once you have found the exposure you want to learn more about, you will see a description or definition of the exposure; information about who might have been exposed based on location, era, conflict and how someone could have been exposed; health implications to consider; information about VA policies and programs, including how to apply for benefits; and links to other useful resources about the exposure.
The Notes feature allows you to save information about an exposure, program, or policy and share it with your patient via email, providing him or her with educational references and helpful resources. As you are learning about an exposure, you may see the option to add the information you are viewing to a note. Tap the Add to Note button, and a new note will automatically be created. To access your existing notes, tap the Menu button at the bottom of the screen, and tap Notes from the slide-out menu that appears. You will see a list of open and finalized notes. If you select an open note, you will have the options to finalize or delete it. If you select a finalized note, you will have the options to print preview, print, email or delete it. You can delete individual notes, or you can delete all of your notes at the same time.
The VA Locator allows you to find facilities closest to your patients that best fit their needs. You may search for locations within the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) and National Cemetery Administration (NCA). To use the feature, tap the Menu button, and tap VA Locator from the slide-out menu that appears. If you choose to share your location, a map will appear showing you all the VA facilities near your current location. If you choose not to share your location, tap the Search button at the bottom of the screen. You can search by type of facility and the zip code, by the name of the facility or by state. After you select the facility you would like to view, you will be able to get directions to the facility, access its website and share the details of the facility with your patient.
The Provider Tips section provides you with questions to ask your Veteran patients about exposures, an overview for how to create a care plan, tips for communicating effectively and discussing challenging topics with your patients and links to other useful resources. To access the Provider Tips section, tap the Menu button, and tap Provider Tips from the slide-out menu that appears.
VA has bookmarked helpful resources to learn more about environmental exposures and programs for Veterans, such as the Office of Public Health website and directories for VA’s Environmental Health Coordinators and OEF/OIF Clinical Coordinators. Note that you will not be able to bookmark new resources. To access Bookmarks, tap the Menu button, and tap Bookmarks from the slide-out menu that appears.
Additional information about other available VA Apps can be found at mobilehealth.va.gov/appstore as well as on mobilehealth.va.gov in the VA Mobile Apps General FAQs. 
A Quick Start Guide, Slideshow and User Manual for the Exposure Ed App can be found on mobilehealth.va.gov/training in the “VA Staff” section. If you need assistance with the Exposure Ed App, dial 1-855-500-2025 to speak with a VA representative. The Help Desk is open weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT. For TTY assistance, dial 711.

VA Needs Your Feedback!

If you have technical trouble using this app, please contact the VA Mobile Health Help Desk for Veterans at (877) 470-5947 and VA Care Teams at (844) 482-6624, Monday through Friday 7 a.m. - 7 p. m. CT for TTY assistance, dial 711.

Any information you enter here is anonymous and is collected for analysis and improvement of VA applications. This feedback section is not a venue for communication of an urgent medical nature or to obtain immediate technical support.

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